Our Objectives

We are there

What can we provide for people with FSHD and those who care for them.

We reach out

We reach out to other countries in Europe. We try to enhance provision and support for those with FSHD

We share

How do we liaise with people with FSHD and FSHD organisations across Europe and how do we spread information.

We work

How do we work along with other national and international bodies relevant to FSHD


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Connect locally

Connect with FSHD on a local level. Find others through your national communities.
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Buy our book

We've collected many different stories about FSHD in our book.
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World FSHD-day

Share stories and meet up during World FSHD-day. Read more here.

Good practices

Read documentation on FSHD such as good practice guidelines.
Available soon.

Clinical trials

Read more about Clinical Trials Registries and how to register.
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Set up a new patient organisation?

We can help to set up the development of new patient organisation, within Europe or anywhere else.

If you need help or info on this subject, please contact: Diana.

Research bids

We support research bids. Learn more about research and therapy here.


Help us do more research on FSHD. You can make a donation at:
FSHD Europe
IBAN: NL33 RABO 0137 2747 34


We convince relevant organizations to do more and strengthen our resources.