FSHD University webinar featuring FSHD ETN chair Dr. Nicol Voermans

January 11, 2024 By Bine Haase

W​​​​hile FSHD patients wait for new drugs to slow the progression of muscle weakness, Dr. Voermans emphasizes that there are many interventions already that can have a significant positive benefit. She encourages everyone with FSHD to do what they can to be as healthy and “trial fit” as possible. Dr. Voermans is Professor of Muscular Diseases at Radboud University Medical Center in the Netherlands. She also leads the FSHD European Trial Network (ETN).

Dr. Voermans will be joined by Nathaniël Rasing, MD, a Research Physician at Radboud University Medical Center. His primary focus is on studying facial weakness, communication, participation, and quality of life in FSHD.